Thursday, November 10, 2016

But, but Stephen Colbert is such a good Catholic

Has anyone put together a list of all the perversity and disorder that Stephen Colbert has promoted over the years?  Seriously, Pelosi and Biden get justly run over, but this guy gets a break because he uses the word Catholic from time to time in a nice way and so many fawn

He promotes sodomy

He promotes contraception

He promotes abortion

But he teaches his Sunday school... as Ozzy Guillen says:

But need proof?

Oh hows about that election special on Showtime that everyone is spreading around... cause liberals are so profound in their thought... or petty and weak

Comedian on Colbert Election Special: ‘Get Your Abortions Now,’ We’re ‘F*cked’

“It feels like an asteroid has just smacked into our democracy,” she began. “It is so scary and sad and heartbreaking. And I just wish I could be funny. Get your abortions now because we're going to be fucked and we’re going to have to live with it.”

... and Colbert didn't speak up for the unborn.... what a great Catholic - New Evangelization in a nutshell, dialogue without ultimate purpose in mind.

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