Monday, November 28, 2016

Fr. Ripperger on Harry Potter

With the Amazing Beasts movie coming out, I figured it was a good time to lay down some relevant thoughts on this particular series.  He also addresses Tolkien to some extent:

There was also an argument of the month club debate from a while back on this issue which you can listen to HERE


  1. This podcast is appalling. First, the so-called expert is obviously unfamiliar with the series since he seems unaware of the author's actual name. Secondly, he clearly has not read the books if he thinks the author's guiding inspiration is witchcraft, not Christianity (when one reads the books, one discovers their inspiration is clearly the latter). Throwing percentages around makes him sound like he's relying on hard data, when he is actually using fake info and scare tactics to make his point. Not cool. And since when does taking a few literature courses make one an expert in what is "garbage" literature and what is good? I would urge your readers to check out the website for a much more credentialed look at the literary merit and yes, even the Christian themes in Harry Potter.

    1. 1) ^ Expert on appalling things
      2) Your right, since he says her name with a s at the end of the surname he obviously is incoherent on this... reach much?
      3) Yeah cause the author just randomly threw in actual spells into the text unknowingly. Oh and Descartes was a devout Catholic too... reach more?
      4) The information came from a fellow exorcist collaborator of his... how does defamation taste?
      5) The comment of yours was not cool... fyi
      6) Since it was his personal take on the crap series, i dont see why he has to give it a thumbs up when it deserves depraved status... thats why he can call it garbage
      7) When there is credible information that shows the series for what it is and we are stubborn in defending non sense it is good to practice a spirit of detachment from worldly things like witchery and magic
      I would probably just lean on ripp/amorth and their comments on HP and demonic activity, plus the reaction betrays an emotional attachment that is undue to a work of children's 'literature'

  2. #3: But there are no such thing as "actual spells"! That's the problem with this whole interview. Magic isn't real in Harry Potter or elsewhere. Just the grace of God and the way he makes us holy through a life lived celebrating his sacraments. Please, stop scaring people out of exercising the same imaginative muscles they need for faith in Christ. And CS Lewis said that books only worth reading by children are books not worth reading at all. May the peace of Christ be with you in all you say and do.

    1. Actually, yes there are such things as spells, one need only consult the story of the exodus to confirm the Pharohs use of magic (illusion via the demonic). This is just a matter of history. Plus, throughout the churches history this has been confirmed time and time again. Magic like prayer is not effective in and of itself apart from the acceptance of the demonic or God respectively. When a known spell is cast it is a door that is opened, and there are more than willing demons to pay attention to people that open themselves up to this, willingly or unwillingly, this is a matter of History and Church teaching. and cs lewis was heretical... so hes got that going for him