Monday, February 10, 2014

Why the fear?

I dont get why the one blogger, who is throwing a tizzy over the priests conference about Tolkien's books, can't comprehend that New Catholic disagreed with the priest on the matter but still allowed the talk to be heard because disagreements help to clarify things.  People claim that the book is just a book and the talk about the troubling aspects was wrong because the focus of the book is not about Catholicism, but then they double back and want us to recognize every seemingly Catholic aspect immediately. Why cant we recognize the good and bad aspects?  Pray tell blogger?  Is Tolkiens work sacrosanct?  Is Pierce's, Kreeft's and others works on the matter the only thing that matters to begin with, and anything critical evil?

Why the fear?  Who's the reactionary again?

What does this do?

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  1. I liked hearing both sides. I agree that it seems odd to complain that something should not be posted. I don't mind reading posts I disagree with - it's the Internet, there's room for everybody out here.