Monday, February 24, 2014

What does it profit a man...

that was a reminder that I saw on Abby-roads today.. and, dang nab it he is so balanced on his approach to blogging.

So my post last week on the word fashion was... well provocative... well, thick headed and lacking a calm see it through attitude.

The word fashion does not mean fad... that was purely self pity type rhetoric from me... so Mea Culpa

RC later posted a more positive piece relating that the Holy Father saw the ancient right as a treasure... quite frankly just like when I stopped reading each of his daily homilies I think im just going to stop anything reading or watching of the Holy Father... give it a few days to clear up, and think only about official things, because thats the only thing ultimatly that matters from the Pope

I think im also going to give up the internet for Lent... might just get off the grid in general to boot

I love to continually tell myself im going to be more positive on this blog... Lord willing I will work on this from now on. 

Im thinking about my next post.... maybe thinking my bad post over and putting a better twist on it.

We'll its a thought... im bound to screw up again.  Lord willing I wont.  Off to hunt possums

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