Friday, February 7, 2014

On the Tolkien Controversy...

So a week or so ago Audio Sancto released a two part critical talk on JRR Tolkien's books like the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and the Simarilion.  You can find these conference talks below:

First I wanted to say that I enjoy JRR Tolkien's works and the movies that have come out recently.  So too I have found the works of Peter Kreeft, Michael Coren and Joseph Pierce to be extremely helpful in bringing to light the Cathlicity of his books.  For such things I am extremely grateful and would encourage other's to take such things in consideration before or after viewing the conference.

Now, having said that, I do think that the priest that gave this conference did a genuinely great service to the church in exposing some of the problematic aspects of Tolkien's literature.  I, along with New Catholic at Rorate-Caeli, disagreed with the talk, but I do believe that he made some interesting points that should be taken into account and not brushed aside as Rad Trad reactionary non sense which you might guess the normalist who himself over reacted and trashed the priest... need i really say his name, I think it suffices to say he didn't listen to the talk, but  went mad that anyone would question the efforts to over emphasis the Cathlicity of Tolkien's work.

I also found it interesting, seeing from the reactions to the post and those on Rorate's twitter, that people are defending Tolkien's work as if it were sacrosanct.

Seriously, there are good things to Tolkien's books and they should be applauded, but for crying out loud dont defend what Tolkien didn't attempt to put forth.  There are issues with the books and with Tolkien's attitude towards allegory which go unquestioned until this talk shook up the preconceived notions that all Tolkien is orthodox and therefore unquestionable.

Please listen to the talks, take them into account and make your own decision.  The goal of the talks was not to condemn Tolkien, but to bring balance to the current discourse.

Have a great weekend!

What say You?

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