Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Its the difference between Ham and Shem

A while ago I heard a sermon that was presented by the priest from Audio Sancto in the midst of the crazyness of the Popes multiple interviews that kicked off his pontificate.  I cant remember which it was, but if I ever find it again I will post it later.

The important point made was that no matter how frustrating things can seem in the Church, Christ is in charge.  The most Blessed Trinity both allows chastisements to the Church, and chastises her directly for Her own good.  Yet the way that we respond in such situations is important.

In Genesis we read about Noah as an old man, and how he would become drunk abusing his life and family in so much.  Yet his sons took different approaches to the matter.  Ham chastised his father with mockery and belittled him.  Shem, on the other-hand, recognized his Fathers state of nakedness and clothed him with gentleness and charity because he was a man under the authority of another (as the Gospels will later speak to).

Ham was thrown out of his Fathers house and cursed him. While Shem, as Jewish tradition says, was made king and reigned most likely till Abraham presented him with sacrificial gifts of bread and wine.

As Father Z says relax with the Holy Father (I am guilty as well). He is a man formed by and after the council and has some odd views.  Yet he holds authority justly.  Let us be calm with our critiques, yet firm when necessary; always recognizing that it is better to give as Shem did, than to take as Ham did.

+Pray for Francis P.P.+
+Pray for Syria and Egypt+

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