Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So why is Thomas a Kempis not a saint?

This might be well known, but since I found it an oddity considering his influence I will make this quick.

Thomas died in 1471, but when his remains were exhumed they found splinters under his finger nails and the coffin scratched up.  In other-words, Thomas was most likely buried alive.  The church seeing this as a situation where Thomas may have despaired decided to not proceed with his canonization cause citing this incident twice when the cause is again and again brought up.

Pray for his soul.


OTL: Gandhi carried with him two books, a new testament and the Imitation of Christ wherever he went.  Pray for him, he was not ignorant of the faith according to Fr. Hardon

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  1. Horrifying. Saint Therese of Lisieux memorized Imitation of Christ and could recite it by heart.