Monday, July 14, 2014

Just a good rule of thumb

Grand you are complaining, now pray for him, wont you?
About a year ago I said I was done with the day to day Pope watch madness....

And it will remain as such...

Dont automatically assume the worst, but dont be surprised either...

You dont have to ignore, but quite frankly I being an arrogant laymen have zero authority to correct the pontiff, others might, but I am not in such a position.

I cant stop the Holy Father from talking or saying odd things (note: citations are wanting).  He said he was emancipated liturgically, and others have said he has been more open since his elevation.

Pray for Peter

Pray for the Bishops

Pray for Priests and religous

Pray for a daily death to self!!

"Above all my dear sons, remember that the indispensable condition of true zeal, and the surest pledge of success is purity and holiness of life" - Pope Leo XIII (still not even a Servant of God?)

"A holy, perfect and virtuous man, actually does far more good to souls than a great many others who are merely better educated or more talented." - St. Theresa

"If our own spirit does not submit to the control of a truly Christian and holy way of life, it will be difficult to make others lead a good life. All those called to a life of Catholic works out to be men of a life so spotless that they may give everybody else an effective example." - Pope St. Pius X


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