Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On cash, war and architecting

A few days ago I was in my car and listening to the radio (which is a rarity outside of listening to talk radio because the music of today is infested with modernism and ear pornography.

I willingly admit that I got caught up in listening to such music for a while, and from time to time find myself whistling something stupid like “tainted love” when at work.  But praised be Jesus Christ for his slow prodding, helping me to find more meaningful music, something to make the gears in my head turn and lift my spirit up to God.  Specifically speaking when my cousin introduced me to Johnny Cash.  Now he doesn’t hold a candle to Gregorian Chant or a classical work by Bach or Mozart, but I would specifically put his music from his “American Recording” days in the worthwhile pile.  The music is spiritual, hard hitting and smells of a life of hard knocks.  You really cant go wrong with any of these records, but I want to recommend two of them specifically.  First is Unchained, which was released in 1996 (the year of Brett Favre's Super Bowl run…but lets continue).  He was backed on this album by many familiar faces like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and took on many songs that were written as anthems with a less than uplifting intent.  In typical Cash style he takes lemons, adds some sugar and water and makes lemonade flavored with his Baptist leaning (note I don’t hold this against his music).  I would recommend Southern Accents and I never picked cotton to anyone!

In 2002 he released American IV: The Man Comes around.  These songs were heart wrenching.  His voice and his character drive is fleeting on this album, but this album made me sit up and take notice of the importance of faith.  Everyone knows his now famous rendition of “Hurt”, but the album is littered with music that will pull your heart out and set you on your knees.  I would recommend his covers of “Bridge over troubled water” and “The first time ever I saw your face”, along with Hurt which won quite a few awards, shocking many with his obvious religious overtones. 

In other news looks like Thursday might as well be D-Day for us sticking our nose into the Syrian conflict.  So while Russia, China and Iran are warning us to but out of the conflict we are just giddy to get in….Lord Help Us (and the US in general)!  I am so tired of the world seeking peace through the sword…may I suggest a consecration of Russia to Mary's Immaculate heart specifically?  I mean a Bishop is consecrated to the world but specifically given a consecration to his diocese…just saying…Lords will I pray!

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When I was out in DC we went to the two Latin Mass communities out there, and even got to see the great Monsignor Wadsworth at St. Thomas the Apostle for the Feast of the Assumption which was a real grace.  On Sunday we were blessed to go from the beautiful Mother of Mary Church for the Latin mass to the
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  It was gorgeous and absolutely astounding.  At every turn you could see another altar and another fantastic work of art giving glory to God.  This is not to mention the building itself which was awe inspiring.  The architecture was mesmerizing, and draws me to move closer to God.  Here's a hint, beauty converts, stop building boxes and start doing the work necessary to keep the beautiful old Churches erect.


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