Monday, August 5, 2013

Francis and the media

A couple of days ago on the First things blog Liz Scalia commented on the Popes speech given on the plane following WYD.  To keep things short she theorized that the Holy Father was being a crafty Jesuit in manipulating the media for his purpose.

Pardon me...  did she watch the news and how they covered it.  Sure what he said doesnt conflict with the catechism, but when the media knows its clients are not interested in more than a quick blurb this is a problem.  The Pope might well be witty, but all the media has to do is ignore 99% of what is said and promote the 1% out of context (note this was also done to Benedict when "Light of the World" was put out).

Look I love and pray for every Holy Father but....please, please dont let yourself be manipulated! There is nothing crafty about 90% of all Catholics now thinking homosexuals should never be judged.  There is nothing crafty about 5% probably being scandalized.

Hes being used.  The media might well have put forth a virtual council following and during VII, but they do the same thing now with Francis.

BTW, I know he wants the Bishops to stand up for teachings like abortion and he feels like Catholics know the fundimental church teachings, but, Your Holiness I dont think you have even begun to comprehend the barque you have taken captain of.

Say three Hail Marys for Him....I know

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