Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why do evangelicals vote for Trump?

Trump and the most choosen of God, Jerry Falwell
Have you asked Trump or Cruz to come into your heart and be your temporal Lord and savior?

It's humorous to hear the talking heads [As compared to the mute heads?] blather on about the evangelicals supporting the Trump campaign. They are flustered by this support, saying they understand not how such people of faith could back such a bad candidate. [As compared to the the canadian mounte demigod]

Why is this such a wonder?

Evangelicals base their faith not on objective principles, but on the experiences that brought them to a belief in Christ Jesus.  Let us call it the magical joy of find unicorn Jesus. (since Jesus is who they make him out to be, so why not a unicorn?)  Trump is perfect for them because he is a showman. He is going to give the emotionalists their money's worth.  He will tell them what they want to hear, and whose to tell an individual evangelical they are wrong? It's a pick and choose religion, and if Trump is going to promise them something - and thump the erroneous bible he carries - of course they will love him.  He plays to the lowest common denominator, just like their faith plays to the lowest common denominator. And yes, the normalists like Wiegel and Novak do the same when they reject the kingship of Christ... oh you didn't know he did that? Hmmm....

Trump's got what evangelicals crave, he's got flag waving and emotions... maybe even tongues!

Yay go freedom! Religious freedom is soooooo much fun!

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