Friday, March 18, 2016

Political Messianism

Now I dont always agree with Mr. Skojak, but his podcast on the current political situation in the US

is worthwhile.  I agree with a great majority of it.

That being said, there are so many nominalists like Weigel and George that are sounding the doom alarms about Trump... but portray Cruz as America's next great hope. The same thing can be said of many traddies like Patrick Arnold who also will not allow the prospect that Cruz is not eligible for the presidential office if one claims to follow the orginalist arguments of the constitution.

I just dont understand what people really think will be, or is worth saving in this culture and the so called American founding as a whole. Trump is a goofball, and I dont trust a word he says, but neither do I just put my trust in Cruz who has bought into the #homoheresy by way of accepting the contraceptive lifestyle.  He promotes religious freedom, you may say... but I dont believe in such, and neither should any Catholic worth his salt.  The constitution is not a divine document and the preservation of the union (this blobistan) is not my concern. I dont offer incense at the altar of Lincoln, MLK jr, or Ted Cruz.  All are increadibly flawed men that bought and propagated error that currently leaves us in the cultural sewage we now see.

I for one am not voting for an ineligable protestant because I wish to follow the reasonable laws set about, which have never been amended. To do so would be to commit an injustice towards a just authority, and though a monarchist I live in a republic so I will observe the just laws therein.

Thats my rant... all hail megratron

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