Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chris Farley's friend Matt Foley finally breaks his silence

Pre-ordained Matt Foley with Chris Farley for a Rugby Photo
“After the funeral, Farley's mother asked Foley not to give any interviews. The media was hungry for details of Farley's life and death from anyone close to the comedian in his last days. He obliged.
Last year, though, Foley got a call from Mrs. Farley, who asked him to participate in the "I Am Chris Farley" documentary. He agreed and sat for a two-hour interview talking about his friend and reminiscing about old times.
Like when Farley had just moved into a new apartment in New York and asked his ordained friend to come bless it.
Foley was walking around the apartment sprinkling holy water when he turned around and saw Farley following him, his hands folded like an altar server, quietly reciting the Hail Mary and Our Father prayers to himself.
"He was completely serious, but it cracked me up because it was just the two of us there and he looked so funny with his hands folded," Foley remembered. ‘But he was dead serious, and there was a tenderness in his face. It was a beautiful thing.’”

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