Monday, February 9, 2015

Later reflections on the March for Life this Year

It was my first experience of participating in the march, and to be frank I was somewhat disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, we have to make a statement to the secularists, thus marching is a must.  But the grave evil of abortion is a demonic sacrament unlikely to be ended without a much greater power behind it. 

As part of Sursum Corda Milwaukee, we marched as a group with other traditionally minded Catholics under the banner of Regnum.  So it was the Milwaukee Institutes apostolate marking with Juventutem (generally associated with the FSSP) and Regnum (which is a young adult group for Pittsburg’s SSPX chapel).  We all got along, and even got to meet the Benedictine Monks from New Mexico who were very honest with their thoughts and I wanted to relate one.

They agreed that the march was a good thing, however they believed offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or just general prayer would have a greater effect then stopping DC traffic.  I was a little taken aback by their observation but the more I thought about it I did agree.  People like the picture of the Basilica filled with pilgrims and the saying that young people do care about the Church. It makes us feel good for a while but so little is had from it.  Just think if all those priests that find themselves “concelebrating” mass with each other actually said Mass themselves at that time.  The graces afforded by God could be boosted tremendously.  Instead , like the march, the Mass has become a mere spectacle (similar to the mega mass events seen at Papal gatherings) where people go to be part of a human effort, forgetting the point of the Mass in and of itself. 

My group ended up assisting at a High Mass said in theBasilica the day of the March.  It was quite beautiful and I will leave at the fact that there were probably 50 people smooshed into the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Gals that were chanting the proper's were…. well, WOW! But most important since we only had one priest each priest said mass.

Another thing that was lacking was any talk of contraception's role in this all which I will just let Michael Voris' take here:

The final thing I wanted to touch on was and continues to be the aweful condition of the poor in DC.  Now there are two different groups of the poor in DC, those that you are not sure about, and then there are those that are living in squalor under the expressway bridges in tents surrounded by garbage and filth.  Someone made a comment to the effect that such people are drains on their paycheck.  I was horrified by the comment.  At a pro life march a fellow Catholic is attacking people living in squalor and calls them a drain?  The poor are people too!  Many of those that are so poor have mental conditions that bring about their situations.  These people need our help!  Not our pitty or shaming. 

We will see about next year.

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