Sunday, June 23, 2013

On St. Alphonsus Parish, Padre Pio and Geo-Centrism

I forgot to say something a while back but the Parish that I grew up at St. Alphonsus in Greendale is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and I wish to congratulate the Parish and offer many prayers for their continued growth in the faith and particularly for the Priests there including Fr. Alan who though I am frustrated by often I thank him for his priesthood.  I also want to remember the other Priest's that were there while I was a parishioner:

Fr. Richard (Dick) Aiken (Of Call to Action fame)
Fr. Jerry Herda (Current Brewers Chaplain and assistant to then Archbishop Dolan)
Fr. Mike (? I cant remember the last name, I just remember he was nice)
Fr. Aurillio (Dont remember the first name, perhaps thats good?)
Fr. Wally Vogel (Friendly and also giddy to finish Mass quick)
Fr. Dave M. (I miss his homilies and miss him, RIP Father)
Fr. Alan Jurkas
Fr. Mark
Fr. Aaron (I went to the Easter mass there and was surprised by his reverence for the Mass)  :)


On another subject is it just me or when one things of Padre Pio do you call him St. Pio, cause I just usually call him Padre, kind of like the Cure of Ars...just a quick thought


Finally I was working outside today and had my IPod because I dont want a phone that will give info at any time to the NSA, and I was listening to a debate on Helio and Geocentrism, I was surpised to find that there are some good arguements on both sides, take a listen if you would like:


Some additional information to consider with the debate:
h/t Terrence Berres



  1. Remember back when people at St. Alphonsus would talk about how the parish had potential? Eventually hearing that was more discouraging than encouraging. What might be encouraging is some meeting rooms are being converted to school classrooms.

    If one is a saint, titles like "Padre" or "Pope" (or even "the Great") must seem insignificant.

    As I understand the history, if the Earth orbits the Sun, then we should see the stars shift position (stellar parallax) as the Earth moves. A reason geocentrism won out in ancient times was that no such shift was seen. Over time, ideas such as that orbits must be circular or that there should not be bodies orbiting any body other than Earth became associated with geocentrism. With the discovery of the comparative simplicity of calculation assuming elliptical orbits and the observation of moons around Jupiter, geocentrism fell along with its associated theories. This was even though the stellar parallax could not be demonstrated for centuries after Galileo. That was because the effect is extremely small, the distances to the stars being much larger than had been assumed. (Alec MacAndrew provides some background on geocentrism.)

    1. I still think the Parish has potential, perhaps by putting the tabernacle back where it belongs. Im glad to hear the school is keeping up having studied there until 5th grade and having had many Good teachers including nuns (of the non habited type of course). I think when speaking of potential part of it should be a focus on vocations from the parish, which needs to be first better defined. I can still remember Fr. Wally encouraging vocations saying something to the effect that there were many openings and good job security...that was confusing. Lots of catechsis for all not just the kids is needed but Hope is eternal.

      I agree, it was just an observation, like the Cure and St. John Vianny are interchangeable.

      I'll take a look at that thanks! I just find it interesting that Geocentrism is just outright disregarded, not saying its right, just think its better to keep searching out the truth no matter where it is