Friday, June 21, 2013

Are many in the US destined for damnation?

So I was sitting at work and came across an article by the apologist Jimmy Akin on the issue of whether it is fair to say many in the US are hell bound.  Im convinced that this issue is continuously being brought up due to the diabolic trying to maintain its drive since after the council.  Theologians like Von Belthazar and Rayner were well known advocates of the issue and in a recent encyclical Pope Emeritus Benedict brought up the issue of semi-universalism and didn’t outright condemn the notion but maintained a somewhat ambiguous possibility can be afforded to advocates of the matter.  Such a statement is generally taken by Neo-Catholics as a broad papal mandate that should not be questioned whats-so-ever. 

I don’t propose to say anything new with this post, others like Michael Voris have done most of the leg work putting together magisterial teachings on the matter prior to the spirits takeover of Vatican II.  I have posted it below.  Instead I wish to take issue with Mr. Akin.  His main point is that most Americans don’t necessarily meet the criterion for a mortal sin so there shouldn’t be so much worrying going on.  A very nice pastoral approach.

Problem is even if most people are ignorant of the Catholic faith in all of her teachings they are not somehow less culpable then those that lived before them were.  Consider that you and I today have access to vast amounts of information about what the church teaches and why the Church teaches it.  Those who wish to ignore the teachings do so at their own peril.  So too those that wish to reject the teachings after learning of them do so at their own peril.  Im not saying that they are damned, I know not their heart but to play games like “well its highly unlikely that such people are bound for hell because of culpability issues”.  Mr. Akin saying that there are many hard teachings in the bible on the issue but also hopeful ones overstates the matter.  Jesus spends the greatest amount of time talking about hell and how to avoid going there.  He doesn’t talk about separating the goats and sheep at the end to tell a tale tale.  He doesn’t call it the wide and easy path for any reason.  People can have hope in their salvation and the salvation of others but that hope is not a blind one.  We have an intellect, an ability to know truth, to pursue it to its final end.  If we so choose to ignore it we do so at our own peril.  That there is one Church, the Catholic Faith is not a matter of dispute.  If people reject her they reject Christ.  They fail to preach him to others, so he will not speak for them to his father.  This notion that we can stretch invincible ignorance to the farthest ends of the universe is a sham, and its creating complacency among people of good will. 

Bishops, Priests, Religious and lay alike need to Preach Christ and him Crucified otherwise expect no more than what St. Paul received upon meeting with the Greeks in Athens.  Pray for Francis that his ecumania will not draw him away for his true responsibility to bring all to Holy Mother Church without compromise.


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