Monday, April 10, 2017

Aurini: Donald Trump is not our Savior

A stiring article from Davis Aurini

"I’m sick of hearing about our bombing of Syria. A foolish rattling of the sabre, over a chemical attack which, according to the latest UN statements, was performed by our erstwhile ‘allies’ the rebels – the same loose affiliation of Mohammedans who are behind the recent attack in Sweden, pictured above. New boss just like the old boss, the military-industrial complex will have its way, the Deep State triumphs again...

The Left wants George Soros to redeem them from their sins; for the Right, Daddy Trump grants permission to indulge in materialistic debauchery. The Western man is dying because his soul died long ago; blank-eyed zombies, smoking pot, playing with their iPhone, screwing around on tinder, or finding vacuous catharsis through video games-turned-skinner boxes. Veal wrapped in cotton; auto-erotic assisted suicide. That is what your fellow ‘compatriots’ are fighting for; a pleasurable descent into the nihilist’s abyss...."

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