Monday, February 27, 2017

Fr. Ripperger conference on generational spirits and a note of the former satanist Zachery King

I put together a playlist of last years talk on generational spirits by Fr. Ripperger. Please, if you listen he asks that you say a decade of the Rosary for him or make a donation to his ministry. Also, do visit his website, which you can find by clicking HERE

Also, Zachery King was invited by Fr. Ripperger's community of exorcists to give a conference on his experiences and deliverence. Interesting because its an interesting story, but also because there were some that made it their mission to make Zachery look like a fraudster.  Now there is a good rule about prudence on such things, but love is also patient and slow to judge.

the information for Zachery's talks are HERE, as well as information on Fr. Rippergers upcoming conferences

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