Wednesday, January 18, 2017

On the Gaffigans’ and a good question on the Malta situation

File this in the same stack as Stephen Colbert catholics.

As much as I enjoy most of Jim Gaffigan’s material, I am utterly frustrated by how these folks can fall into the dumbest of traps. Now many people will say, “But, they don’t use contraception”. As if that was the sole distinguishing mark of a Catholic. No, what he has been shown to push is of grave concern, and that so many Catholics have been silent on this – I’m looking at all of you that push Gaffigan stuff on Catholic Blogs, news sources and at official Catholic gatherings – is a grave disgrace. There was not a single show where he did not try to use his platform to normalize sodomidic behavior. For crying out loud they made one of the family helpers/advisors a sodomite and never, ever attempted a plea to the individual to change. They brought him into the home to influence the kids, and effectively normalized his disorder by making him a regular on the show. And in case you need more that same actor decided he needed to act up the other day.


The other thing worth touching on is this Malta bishop’s situation. CCC, on their Twitter feed made a good observation (which could be applied to many things):

It is a fair question to ask I believe…


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