Monday, October 17, 2016

I don’t remember hearing that...

The desire by some to flee from the visible and actual, lets be clear, actual Petrine office held by Pope Francis is quite boring. Why do these folks flee from the trial? How much has been written by these self appointed doctors, and yet how often as their work led people to pray, fast and give more alms for the love of Christ and his Church?

I dont remember Dom Bosco relating the sea would be calm. I don’t recall that before the sea became so the Man in White safely brought the ship in before the storm hit. The storm is here, be a man, embrace the trial with charity, clarity and just piety.

Vision of Dom Bosco

It is not the call of any single prelate, clergyman or gun totting blogger to declare anything in regards to Peter. Know your roll. If you are not willing to do at least twice the amount of time praying you do complaining, please do us all a favor and stop causing greater scandal. Thank you.

Pray for Peter
Pray for your bishop
Pray for your priest
Pray for the Church

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