Friday, September 16, 2016

KTMT: Bishop to bishop letters are magisterial just because... lol

As I have stated in the past I will reserve my takes on the current papacy; however, there is something to be said about how poorly catechised trads and neo catholics are.

First, lets be clear, all these statements carry about as much authority and binding influence as a glazed donuts do to the appetite of a boulder... absolutely none. Personal letters from a bishop to a bishop or to a person do not constitute magisterial teaching, no matter how frustrating.  To say otherwise would necessarily lead to Pope Liberius' ambiguous letter to his fellow bishop constituting formal teaching, which we deny as Catholics in accordance with the formal teaching from Vatican Council One.

Yes he said the gates of hell would not prevail, this does not mean that a Pope cannot hold to an erroneous take, such would be a personal sin because the proposed teaching would be a novelty, thus when subjected to the ordinary magestarium, as all teachings are, would violate one if not more of the marks of the church and could be ignored as a novelty by the faithful.

Francis is the Pope, I have no reason nor pride to believe anything else at this point.  Is he a great or a bad Pope? History will decide that... I am personally not giddy but if we do more complaining than praying for Peter in the midst of this storm nothing will be fixed any time soon.

Remember that modernists be they bishops or laymen, formal or material, have no interest in formally changing doctrine. They are either consciously or unconsciously aware of the old adage, "Lex Orendi, Lex Credendi". If the practices are changed, an end around can be had to effectively change teachings without formally submitting such. Which is one of the reasons why Bugnini, who asked that the ancient rite be abrogated, was denied permission to formally abrogate the Rite of St. Gregory, but was allowed to do informal restrictions, effectively abrogating its use until really Benedict released Summorum Pontificum.

So, end game... this is not the end. An Irish Paper, even a Vatican paper... dare I say an encyclical or ecumenical council that proposes and even seems to bind the faithful to a novelty is nothing more than one bad night at a hotel in relation to eternity as Teresa of Avila would say.  Its not worth getting hot and heavy about.  The Church doesnt fall under this or that Pope, Rome is not the seat of the Anti-Christ yet, though its entirely frustrating. If you approach the Popes comments as binding and play them off that leads to the confusion seen below.  So, be level headed. Pray, hope and dont worry.  Its not like this is catching God by surprise.  Its that simple

When St. John Bosco had his vision of the Barque of Peter out in the midst of the storm it presumes that Peter took his ship out in the midst of the storm to begin with, the solution is to keep our sights on the Eucharist and Our Lady, offer up the sufferings and be grateful for the trials to grow in and merit from.

Ferrara makes it pretty clear below

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