Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whispering sweet nothings: On the errors of Barnhardt

You know, when you come back to the faith and somehow find your way into the trad-circles, it never really crosses your mind just what you are about to enter into. I mean, to go from a semi-pelagian point of view to dealing on a daily basis with the like of Feeneyites and sedevacantists... that's what
you call doing a 180 into on-coming traffic of nothing but semi-tractors. Consider how when going from that state of the pelagian error to flirting with sedevacantism myself (during the reign of Benedict BTW, not during this pontificate), I now find myself watching supposed sane minds chase after imaginary doctrines of duel papal powers and appointing themselves with the duty to declare anti-pope status.

This itchy-ear syndrome of modernists in the pretended trad-movement is a serious issue (not dissimilar to the Global Warming alarmists). It's bad enough to have people like Kung throw hissy fits and celebrate ambiguity, but its a whole-nother thing when people that should know better don't learn the lessons of history. Their errors are the same, but to a greater degree worse then Savonarola who didn't have the benefit of Vatican I or the doctors of the Church. In seeking an answer to sooth the problem, Savonarola allowed his guard down and bought into the propaganda coming from everywhere. He seemed happy to slander the Holy Father of his own time, even going as far as calling Alexander VI an anti-pope.

Even if Barnhardt fancy's herself along the lines of St. Vincent Ferrer, let her give a sign of her holiness as Ferrer did on many occasions. But she cant so lets not treat her with unwarranted importance. All the garbage she offered amounts to nothing, zip, zero, zilch... pure dog dookie because its foundation is a theological novelty.

For those trying to play it off like she is just like the rest of us... sorry I'm not a sedevacantist if Father Benedict were to pass away tomorrow. And all this based on something Ratzinger supposedly told his secretary. The same Ratzinger who supposedly withheld this or that about Fatima willingly, the same Ratzinger who goes back and forth on the liturgy, the same Ratzinger who will both praise and exalt documents from the second Vatican Council, then talk disparagingly about them at other times.  Add on the age factor, still sharp as a tac right? This position is incompatible with the Catholic religion, she is in the realm of the Cardinal Siri theorists. And if this Benedict is the real Pope thesis is mainstream among the traddies consider me against the pretended traditionalists.

There is often a desire to trace part of the Fatima prophecy of a Pope being taken out by bullets and arrows to the Muslims, but I have always thought this to be much over played. In Proverbs 25:18 we read: "A man that beareth false witness against his neighbour, is like a dart and a sword and a sharp arrow." Seems to me like the Bishop in white is currently under attack from not just without, but within, and I will have no part in that cause it is not my duty and it is likely not yours either. Boniface over at Unam Sanctam Catholicam has a great approach, respect the office, but dont obsess over every thing, its not healthy and frankly its not in keeping with the four marks of the Church. Read it HERE.

Let's be clear I only see one person at this point fully spouting a material heresy and finding herself in schism, and it obviously isn't Francis for all his issues. But unlike Barnhardt, I think it is just to give her the chance to renounce her errors before her peers given the just opportunity to bring herself in line with the perennial Church's teaching on the Petrine Office.

Leave it to Ferrara to be the one to show sanity on this:

Think of all the people that have been scandalized not just by what Pope Francis has said, but by the way the Vicar of Christ has been treated. All the recent and potential converts that have been influenced by Barnhardt to come to the faith recently... now this. Modernism is not just an issue for liberals, but as seen by this episode is a grave concern for and among traddies.

Instead of wasting your time on the novel notions of self-proclaimed theologians get yourself a Copy of True Pope, False Pope by John Salza or get a membership to the Veritas Radio Network and listen to the Modern Wrong World Made Right series called Calvin was Wrong with Ryan Grant by clicking the picture to the right.  But overall, stop the panic, Pray, Hope and don't worry


Oh and a rare drawing of St. Thomas More with a beard:

And as a witness and in fidelity to the Holy See, Cardinal St. Fisher

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