Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Panic Factor

So the encyclical comes out Thursday…. PANIC!

Wait, no, don’t do such. With all the hoopla about this encyclical it seems the only thing that is going to happen is misunderstanding of the teaching office from Republicans and Democrats alike.  Encyclicals are part of the Ordinary Magisterium of the Church.  Therefore, anything written in any non-extraordinary magisterial document is dependent on being in line with the previous teachings of the church.  Novelties that are listed in an encyclical, or in a council for that matter, carry with it little to no binding authority specifically because the faith is that which was once and will forever be held. So then you hear people freaking out today just remember that the ordinary Magisterium is in play here. 

As I have stated before my take on global warming is just as novel as any goofball on the radio or TV.  And if there is any weather weirding it is ultimately true that we as people (and even more, that we as luke-warm Catholics) cause evil in this world. Our fall dragged the world into disorder.

Having said that, just breathe today and be ready to answer the questions with a willing desire to teach the perimeters of the Ordinary Magisterium.

My old video on what authority papal encyclicals hold

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