Monday, December 9, 2013

Against the Napolitano Heresy (The Super Dogma of Bonitas Capitalismus)

Most people by now have either read or heard about the Holy Fathers latest Apostolic Exhortation. To no ones surprise its long and encompasses a wide range of topics, one of which is a few short notes on economics, including how Capitalism that is unrestrained is very problematic.  Thus began the fire storm.  From Limbaugh to Novak to Judge Andrew Napolitano people have been writing often times scathing critiques on what the Holy Father said.  Many claim him to be outright or tettering on the edge of Marxism.

One of my Favorite quotes comes from Judge Napolitano  who identifies as a libertarian and a “Pre-Vatican II Catholic” (not SSPX, just as arrogant though):

What shall we do about the pope and economics?” Napolitano asked in conclusion. “We should pray for his faith and understanding and for a return to orthodoxy. That means the Holy Mother Church under the Vicar of Christ — saving souls, not pocketbooks.”

Now think for a second what is wrong with this thinking.  Never mind that the conservative/libertarian mind is unable to see that there are other options then Economic Marxism and Laize Faire Free Markets, but he does the same foolish thing to the Holy Father that he would rail against had a liberal said something similar.  What does he mean that we need to pray for the Popes return to Orthodoxy?  This is a sidestep.  There is nothing unorthodox about what he  said.  Others like Chesterton, Belloc, the new distributists and Leo XIII who got the ball rolling said the same thing, yet to question Capitalism is unconscionable!  It is to say that to say any thing critical of Capitalism necessarily puts you against science and in front of a lay run inquisition.  Pray tell the last time Napolitano or even for that matter a Pope in the last 50 years has spoke about the evil of Usary which is a common byproduct of capitalism regulated and unregulated?
The truth is that when Peter talks about economics he is not over stepping his boundaries because they indeed are tinted with  moral issues that are exploited for gain, then will later be justified by an ends, thereby doing the same thing Saul Alinsky did and that the conservative/libertarians rail against at all times of the day.

Its pure B.S!  And for a so called “Pre-Vatican II Cathlic” to be so incompetent with regards to the obvious moral issue inherent only makes me question his real motives…perhaps love of the world?

…just sayin

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