Monday, July 15, 2013

Vericast and Skeeoh

Hey Folks!

I just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE, HUGE thumbs up for the Vericast Network.  If you are unfamiliar with them it’s mostly an effort by two orthodox, high octane Catholics that put forth what they call the hardest hitting catholic podcast on or off the internet.  They put together three shows a week hitting on various topics that the mainstream Catholic media won’t hit on (I guess you could say it’s sort of like Voris).

I would encourage any Catholic out there to download the podcast on any platform.  So too I would encourage people to get on their startup Catholic social media network Skeeoh.  Unlike fisheaters you won’t see sedevacantes, and unlike Catholic Answers you can delve into what some term uncharitable matters like the innovation of the OF, or calling out protestants for being heretics.

Tim Haines and Wilson Orihuela are the major players in this new apostolate and deserve some support even if it’s just prayers!


Keep it up Guys!

Heres a taste of their shows:



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