Thursday, May 30, 2013

Positive signs for the Catholic Church

There are amazing things happening right now. 

The Extraordinary Form of the Mass is beginning to have some influence in the church again.  So much so that Bishops across the world are trying their best to stifle the Reform of the Reform brought to you by the likes of Benedict XVI, Archbishop Lefefvre, Michael Davies, Cardinal Burke, Bishop Bruskewitz and so forth.  Prelates with authority around the world are feeling a little hot around the collar seeing their spirit of the council under attack, and all their work being undone faster than they could have imagined.  It has been made known that many of the modernists were pushing for Francis to rid the Holy See of Monseigneur Marini as Master of Ceremonies, only to be told by Pope Francis that he will remain and that they should not prevent the Traditions of the faith from influencing the faithful.  Many of the more traditional fold are concerned with this papacy in that he is not really into the liturgy and its reform as Benedict was in his later years, but we all need to remember that the restoration of the faith from the modernists influence will not
necessarily happen from the top down, but rather it will occur from the bottom up.  Different dioceses will have to take different steps in restoring some of the traditional influences.  For instance here in Milwaukee there is really only one Parish that offers the EF at this time but we are a growing parish and faithful to the magestarium.  Other dioceses see the OF and EF being offered side by side and this is to be encouraged. 

The internet has become a new public square for debate.  This is probably the most impressive thing to come about because we as faithful Catholics now have an amazing opportunity to evangelize the world from our computer then go out into our own streets like St. Pauls Steet Evangelization is doing now.  This is a tremendous opportunity to make disciples of all nations and the flame of the Faith is being kindled by the young and the old.  Dissidents are being called out for their errors by the common people of the church and those in the clergy faithful to the magisterium.  We must be vigilant yet charitable in our evangelization, but the fruits of internet are not limited to this.  Voices from different perspectives of orthodox Catholicism are able to address differences on a daily basis while influencing the faithful, pushing them to strive in the pursuit of truth. Blogs like Rorate-Caeli, The Remnant and What Does the Prayer really say are able to directly take on the postings of dissident blogs like the National Catholic Reporter, setting the record straight.  Vlogs like Church and the many on YouTube are creating a virtual encyclopedia of Cathlicity, and the comment sections underneath the videos are a grace because it allows for swift corrections to be made when necessary.  Over enthusiastic ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue are also being addressed by the faithful on the internet, holding prelates to task for their erroneous was such as Jihad Watch and Harvesting the Fruits of Vatican II.  The Internet is such a fantastic tool capable of supreme good or supreme evil.  Let us continue to build on these goods.

One final thing, but surely not the last thing, that is encouraging is the restoration of Catholic traditions that serve as public and private witnesses to the faith like Adoration and Eucharistic processions.  The obvious good of these actions can be seen in the results when compared with parishes that have not restored such things.  Pews are fuller, vocations are up and faithfulness to the magisterium is mandatory.

These are just a few ideas for positive movements over the last decade or so.  Any other ideas?


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